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We Provide 24/7 Burst Pipe Repair Services across Sydney.

Sydney Water encourages members of the public to report water and wastewater leaks or breaks by phoning their 24-hour emergency line on 13 20 90.

If you are experiencing a water outage, please check the Sydney Water Service updates map to see if you are affected. In an emergency, Sydney water has permission to turn off your water without notice.

If the leak is coming from your property or you are not sure, please call Burns Plumbing as soon as possible. If you are unable to turn the water off, please call straight away. Don’t delay the damage will get worse.

We offer 24/7 emergency burst pipe repair services in Sydney’s Inner West and its surrounds. Our plumbers are highly qualified and equipped to handle all types of broken and leaking pipe repairs quickly and efficiently.

With over 2 decades of experience and plumbing expertise ranging across all areas of domestic and commercial plumbing, we’ll have your burst pipe contained and good as new in no time at all.

Expert local burst pipe plumbers at your service.

Do You Have A Burst Pipe?

While burst pipes are unavoidable in some circumstances, there are precautions you can take and keep an eye out for signs to prevent them. It minimises damage and catches leaks at an early stage to prevent expensive repairs and a whole lot of stress.

Burst pipes are usually caused by:

Whatever the cause, our capable plumbers can help detect leaks anywhere on your property, underground or aboveground, with sophisticated leak detection equipment. And provide timely repair to avoid burst pipes.

If your water bills are excessively high or tanks emptying quicker than usual, there’s probably a broken or burst pipe or water leakage in one of your drain pipes. Other indications of burst pipe include slow water pressure, water pooling in outside areas with lusher and greener areas of grass, and damp patches on your walls or ceiling.

Such signs are enough of an alert to call our plumbing pros for an inspection to locate the leak or burst pipe with quick and effective repair and rectification.

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Broken and Burst Pipe Repair Services

We offer a complete range of pipe repair and replacement solutions at affordable prices with upfront quotes. Whether you want underground pipe repairs, leak patch-up or sectional or full pipe rehabilitation, we’ve got it covered. With expert drain unblocking services to remove tree roots and accumulated waste to minimise the occurrence of burst pipes and water leakages.

Using CCTV drain cameras, advanced pipe relining technology and strengthening joints and connections, our burst pipe plumbers will apply precise and long-term repair solutions for reinforced and perfectly functioning pipes.

If you find yourself in an emergency burst pipe situation, turn off the burst water main to stop the water flow and protect your home from water damage. Call our emergency plumbers for professional repair services.

Sydney’s Best Burst Pipe Plumbers

At JR Burns, we believe in providing sustainable plumbing solutions that negate the need for frequent plumbing services and deliver complete peace of mind and security. With honest and hardworking plumbers who want nothing more than to see you happy and satisfied.

Get burst or leaking pipe repair now by certified and trustworthy plumbers near you.

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