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How Can a Qualified Strata Plumber Help You with Preventive Strata Property Maintenance?

How Can a Qualified Strata Plumber Help You with Preventive Strata Property Maintenance

Preventive property maintenance is essential in keeping your strata facility running smoothly, helping you stay on top of plumbing issues and avoid expensive plumbing repairs and upset tenants. This is why it’s vital for strata managers to have a qualified plumber on call for routine maintenance and potential emergency plumbing issues.

Preventive strata maintenance includes tasks such as plumbing inspections, backflow device testing, drain cleaning, hot water maintenance, and more. These tasks are normally performed every three to twelve months as part of planned maintenance to keep your plumbing system in good condition and identify potential faults before they cause problems.

How Can a Qualified Strata Plumber Help You with Preventive Strata Property Maintenance?

1) Experience

As strata plumbing differs from other types of plumbing, it is important to look for a plumber with years of experience in the field. Choosing an inexperienced tradie who has not worked in strata management, or has no knowledge of large scale or shared plumbing systems, can lead to careless mistakes and plumbing issues.

2) Thorough Checking

When pipes and plumbing materials start to wear out, preventive maintenance is often the best way to avoid costly problems. Strata plumbers carry out routine inspections and testing according to legal compliance, identifying worn out or damaged fixtures and applying solutions as necessary. This keeps your plumbing system in good condition and alerts you to potential repair issues before they can become a problem.

3) Maintenance Reports

Strata managers, often held accountable to body corporates and tenants, must keep accurate records of all the plumbing work done on the facility. Qualified strata plumbers provide reports and schedules for the next testing as well as a record of all the work completed for clarity and transparency

4) Complete Range of Services

When looking for a strata plumbing company in Sydney, look for a business that specialises in all aspects of plumbing work, from repairing and replacing faulty faucets to maintaining water heaters and unblocking drains. A professional strata plumbing company should also be prepared to assist with roof installation, gas leak detection, and pipe relining.

5) Plumbing Inspections

Regular inspections by a professional strata plumbing company can help reduce problems, especially in older buildings. For instance, a blocked drain in strata properties can cause cracks or other damage in the pipes. When a pipe bursts, especially underground, identifying and repairing the problem may appear to be a simple task, but unnoticed damage can have a negative impact on a property’s foundation. Early detection of problems allows for faster resolutions, extending the overall life of existing systems.

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